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Kingdom Hearts Appreciation Week!

Favorite Game: Kingdom Hearts

The game that started it all! The game that took my heart and still has it after almost 12 years. I’ve loved every game after, but there’s so much in this game that I adore. The simplistic story telling that sticks more to the Disney formula than the JPRG formula, meeting all the characters for the first time and being able to see how much they’ve grown in the newer games, and nostalgia is of course a big part.

I remember when KH was the only game and I was desperately waiting for COM and KH2. Making theories, writing fanfictions, and just overall imagining what could come next. 

We can still do that today, but it’s a bit narrower. There’s so much more that we know now. At the end of KH, there were so many things left open ended and it was so easy to go anywhere from there. 

Last but not least, Sora’s voice cracks give me life. 

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